Day 16

15 Avr

Hello !

I have now decided  to continue my blog in English. It will be easier for most people to follow me.

I’m PMO free for 16 days, and i feel great!

I have a new girlfriend ( the one that i met in the library). She is hot, funny and affectionate. I really like her.

We already spent three nights together. We didn’t had sex, but there was a lot of cuddles and sensitive touches. Even if i was supposed to be in my flatline, I was easily hard :). However, I think my libido could be higher than that. It’s probably a good idea to not have sex to early for me.

I feel like i’m partly cured from this porn addiction. I’m trying to quit since December and i never stopped for more than 25 days, but i definitively see a huge improvement. Porn is no longer an habit. I don’t really miss it anymore.

That being said, i know i have to be careful and to stay focused on my goal. I know i could easily fall once more.

I didn’t told my girlfriend about this porn addiction, but she help me to stay motivated. Maybe i should tell her. I think she could understand.

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Publié par le avril 15, 2012 dans Reboot


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